Yoga 7

          Next, Deahna demonstrates how to move to a staff-pose variation position. This is done in a sitting position with hands interlaced behind the person and taking deep breaths. The heart is lifted and open to the sun. This pose is used for mood elevation and uplifting.

Yoga 22

          The participant then moves from the floor into a back-bending pose. This is called a Camel Pose.  As with all back-bend exercises, it is used for mood elevation.

Yoga 8

          The participant then moves to a side angle pose, as shown below. It is done by bending and aligning the front knee over the ankle and turning the back foot in slightly. The person then extends arm along the side of the body reaching from fingertips to back heel. This lengthens the waist, the inter-costal muscles (the muscles between the ribs) and the rotator cuff muscles (the arm pit). This brings a sense of lightness to the body and to the mind. This pose is used for mood elevation and energy.

yoga 6


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